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Bisexual Gender NonConforming
Bisexual Passions Members

  • michelletv66
  • I think it's my hormones LOL Hi there, Hmm Myself? Well I've been a crossdresser since FOREVER! (u would never know it) But as life goes on. So, do I I don't really "Fit into" any category of whom I am. I would say, I'm like a Tomgirl. I love both of my worlds. Handsome male and cute tight jean kinda gurl. I'm looking for equal balance of 2 worlds. I prefer Women and other Tgurls. Hope I fin...
  • 53 years old | Tampa, FL, USA

  • erikjond
  • Just signed up, working on profile, text me in the meantime just message me however you can through this site. I am brand new and don’t know this site yet, I’m sorry. Briefly, I am a very hot natured, highly bisexual, high sex drive man that can never seem to get enough of the whole scene... So you tell me, what turns your crank?????
  • 58 years old | Lawrence, KS, USA

  • winterwolfs
  • 32 years old | Aurora, United States

  • mia412d
  • 28 years old | All Area, United States Minor Outlying Islands

  • petertaylor
  • 63 years old | Hemmingford, Canada

  • pipedaddy
  • 51 years old | Knoxville, TN, USA

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